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  • Es Tastet, Restaurant Shop
  • Es Tastet, Restaurant Shop

Es Tastet

The perfect spot for friends, neighbours and food lovers

ES TASTET is a meeting point for those who like gastronomy.

Located in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, here you can enjoy healthy proposals, balanced and at the same time delicious.

It all started in the most unexpected way ... Francesc (biochemical) and Elena

(Chemical Tech) decided to create the definitive formula: changing test tubes
for dishes, carried away by his passion. The result? A space with personality and unique in the neighbourhood. A spot for friends and foodies which, in addition to lunch, vermouth, meals and dinners, also organize and promote activities related to the healthy nutrition.

Precede the restaurant a shop with a selection of products, many of
them from Menorca, the place where the couple has providers friends, earned by their frequent stays in the Island.

Open from monday to wednesday from 8:30 til 20:30 h, thursday to saturday from 8:30 til 23:30 h and sunday from 9 til 16:30 h.

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